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Zhao Xing

Zhao Xing

Planning Supervisor at Chengdu QueenPlan Co., Ltd.

With 15 plus years of working experience in the MICE field, Zhao Xing has participated in a wide range of MICE activities. Following are some of the MICE activities Mr. Zhao has planned:

The Chengdu 2008 Olympic Torch Relay.

The CCTV variety Show Our Chinese Heart Qingzhou, Baoji, and Chaozhou Stop.

The Closing Ceremony Performances for 2nd, and 3rd Chengdu International Intangible Heritages.

The Closing Ceremony of the 6th Sichuan Provincial Nationalities Art Festival.

Michelin New Products Release.

2018-Sichuan Top Ten Key Opera The Beautiful Life. 

The Sales of Souvenirs for 2019-Chengdu World Police and Fire Games.

2019-International Drug Day and Three Entry Launching Ceremony...

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